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We’re Back – An Everest Insight

The team at GXY are now back in the office – after 3 weeks spent making a difference through adventure, trekking to Base Camp Mount Everest and back.

Our trip started on an interesting note, we made the early morning flight from Kathmandu to Lukla – the world’s most dangerous airfield. With conditions not so ideal for flying (extremely low visibility), half of our guests experienced a flight that I’m sure they would be more than happy to forget –with one guest even kissing the ground upon exiting the plane. (For those ...

GXY: We’re off to Base Camp, Mount Everest

Next week the team at GXY are embarking on our annual ‘giving back through adventure’ initiative –The Maiti Trek. This year we’re taking 24 extraordinary people on a journey of a lifetime to Base Camp, Mount Everest.

We’re trekking to raise awareness and $25,000 for Maiti Nepal –a local Nepalese charity who work tirelessly to eradicate, and protect women and children who have fallen victim to trafficking.

So whilst you’re sipping champagne and enjoying all the festivities associated with cup week, think of us. 

We'll be back in the office the week commencing the 11th of November.  We look ...

How to answer the top five trickiest interview questions

Here's a great article from this weeks BRW about how to answer the top five trickiest interview questions - click here

The article also talks about a new app -myPitch, designed to help people develop, rehearse and video your elevator pitch -we love!!


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Tidy your desk and get ready for succ-desk!

Welcome to the most productive day of your life. And no, you don’t even need to have your computer on yet (well, actually – as this blog is on the net you already have your computer on…unless you’ve printed it off. Then you won’t. But sometimes our website prints funny. So maybe test it first?)

Where were we? Oh that’s right. We’re talking distractions. You see, for every piece (or in some cases, piles) of paper that accumulates on your desk, there is a distraction, or something unfinished. Not only ...

One from the archives: On the couch with Elle Ferguson

Back in 2011,  Mel caught up with the gorgeous Elle Ferguson, the leggy half of the duo. Given that we're still addicted to their blog -I thought I'd pull this one back out of the archives! Enjoy x

How did you break into the industry?

I studied Visual Merchandising for 12months and then transferred into a 4-year degree in Interior Design. At my final exhibition I got offered the National Visual merchandising job for One Teaspoon. After that, it was hard work and long hours.

 Do you agree that it’s not what ...

Attending a networking event?

So you've made the scary decision of transitioning careers-congratulations!!  It takes guts to chase your dreams and partake in new adventures.  They may not always pan out perfectly first time round but to aid you in your quest it’ s best to be prepared.

A great way to gain some insight into your next career, or better yet land yourself a job, is networking.  Bear in mind however that this is not a license to go to a bar, laugh loudly at every lame joke, and come home with a bunch ...


Many, many, MANY organisations, no matter the field, offer internships. They are the perfect way to get your foot in the door, meet some peps and get a clue on how the biz behaves.

Tasks offered to interns are varied. And by varied we mean not the best - think Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada...However, an internship can be a gateway into a proper role, so it’s important to remember as you photocopy your millionth report that there is a big great, sparkling light at the end of the tunnel, ...

The dreaded cover letter!!


If you're anything like me -and Cameron Tyeson from The Vine (this article is worth the read) -you dread writing a cover letter to accompany your resume -and it's even more depressing when you're only 50/50 as to whether it will actually be read! 


So my advice:

If you're going to write a cover letter it has to be written for the role you're applying for -IT CAN'T BE GENERIC! Keep it short and sweet -introduce yourself and your enthusiasm for the role Then talk to the key points covered in the job ...

I was inspired to write this blog after helping my gorgeous, and intelligent friend with her resume last night –It’s fair to say that her resume wasn't quite up to scratch –

Now this surprised me because,

1) She’s been in contact with a number of recruiters, none of whom provided her with feedback about her resume i.e.  Simple details such as removing her date of birth

2) Being Gen Y, I assumed if we weren't sure we would Google it! But I guess trolling though tons of articles/blogs/websites using key words ...

What do you do with your first hour of your day?

Find out what Craig Newmark of Craigslist, David Karp of Tumblr, Motivational Speaker, Tony Robbins and Steve Jobs do/did with the first hour of their day…Have a read! 

HappyWeekend, Love GXY Search